Sunday Afternoon at The Stage Door







When: Sunday 30 October 2.00pm
Where: The Stage Door, 78 West Marlands Road, SO14 7FW

Stewart Taylor, Nell Leyshon, Craig Chalmers, Grant Sharkey and CHAOS in Conversation with LST and Matt West

PRICE: FREE, Please book here

Spillage is a show written and performed by Stewart Taylor. Spillages are the bane of modern day life, arriving when least expected or wanted. What is the best way to deal with a spillage? Contemporary chemical products or traditional manual techniques? Remember, an untreated spillage can lead to staining. And nobody wants that. Join Stewart and a host of characters as we explore these issues in what promises to be a helpful and fun learning experience. As long as he doesn’t get distracted. Which shouldn’t happen. Hopefully.

Stewart Taylor is a Southampton based writer/performer who has worked with Solent Peoples Theatre and Scat Theatre Company. He reached the National Hammer and Tongue Slam Final in 2014, SO: To Speak Slam in 2015, and recently won the Southampton round of The Anti-Slam, with the national final due in December 2016.

Nell Leyshon will be performing ‘Three letters’, a confessional story about illness and those who care for us. The story begins with an invitation to a mammogram and reminds us of how we must cherish what we can easily take for granted, and how we must fight for things we cherish. Three Letters is raw, intimate and poetic. It is a celebration of the NHS.

Nell Leyshon is an award-winning novelist playwright and radio dramatist. She won an Evening Standard award for her play Comfort me with Apples, and was the first woman to write a play for Shakespeare’s Globe. Three Letters is the first time she has written for her own voice.

Craig Chalmers‘ Companion Pieces are some of the poems that feature in the Craig Chalmers Experience which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. It’s a one man show about death and life and the bits in between and has proved hard to explain.

Craig graduated from the University of Winchester in 2012 with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Drama Studies; he made some good work and some bad work. He now lives and works in Winchester and has since performed with numerous companies, professional and amateur, including Platform 4 and The River People, and this year he formed the Sometimes How To Get By theatre company.

Grant Sharkey is a man on a mission – to make two albums a year for 20 years. Like Forrest Gump across the desert he is supported by a small army willing him on, and a double bass; not only does ‘Shit happen’, but Sharkey is out there looking for it, digging it over, and turning it into stuff we want to listen to. This date comes just as 8/40: All the Rage, starring Uncle Twinklefingers, is released.

‘In Conversation’ brings Catherine Wright together with Matt West, the force behind sowrite and Artful Scribe Matt West, and Leigh Taylor, the urban storyteller LST. Both of them may be persuaded to give us some words too.

CHAOS is the Network for creators in Southampton, bringing artists together and trying to provide a voice to make Southampton a city that values and supports its creative talents.