We Die Like Brothers: The Sinking of the SS Mendi

Learn about the tragic sinking of the SS Mendi in this author talk with Graham Scott one hundred years after its loss.

The SS Mendi is now wrecked off the Isle of Wight after sinking on 21st of February 1917. The ship was carrying members of the black native community from South Africa who had willingly volunteered to fight for the mother country and had joined the South African Native Labour Corps.

But on the morning of 21st February the S.S. Darro rammed the Mendi. An escort destroyer, HMS Brisk searched for survivors but, as very few of the men could swim, it was mainly dead bodies being piled onto the deck. Nearly 650 men were lost in this tragic incident.

Graham Scott and John Gribble published We Die Like Brothers: The Sinking of the SS Mendi in February 2017, in an attempt to unveil the truth about the ship’s sinking.

The Mendi is now viewed as a symbol for black South Africans’ fight for equality.

Graham Scott works for Wessex Archaeology, and has been a key member of the Coastal and Maritime team since 2003. He is one of the most experienced marine archaeologists in the UK.

Graham paired up with diver John Gribble to write about this key piece of world history.

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