Touch Network

Touch network is a not for profit organisation that celebrates real life stories of everyday people who are overcoming things in their life. Our big idea is to get people talking – really talking. We are working to see real life stories of overcoming being chatted about in everyday situations, we want this to become the norm and for successes in overcoming to be celebrated. We are a growing network of people who want to tell and hear stories in order that lives can be improved.We go about our work as a team, with hope, thoughtfulness, sensitivity and courage. We look for opportunities to work together with others to build momentum and a movement

At our events there are around four speakers, talking for 10-20 minutes each about how they have, or are, overcoming personal struggles such as managing mental health difficulties, balancing family life, coping with the loneliness, dealing with grief, facing gender issues or cultural challenges and much more. Speakers are supported to focus on the good things about their story, such as what they learnt or how they moved forward.

All stories are intended to be real and honest, but also are hopeful and positive with a focus on overcoming or moving forward, so if you come to our event you can expect to come away feeling touched and inspired!

We are delighted to be part of the SO: To Speak Festival, and look forward to sharing some inspiring stories with you.

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Tickets for this event are £10.

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