The Sunday Scratch

2pm – 2.30pm

‘My World’
Based on book and lyrics by Zella Compton and set to music by Tom Guyer, this scratch performance is a scaled-down version of a musical written for a choir 1500 voices, due to premier at The Royal Albert Hall in 2018.

Desperate to save the oceans, three diminutive barnacles battle pollution, debris, netting and contamination as they guide a sacrificial whale to the hungry monster’s lair.

At this stage in the process, the creatives behind this mini-musical (circa 20 mins) are interested in statements of meaning, and answers to specific questions. Designed to be family friendly, the team is aiming to share five songs and – potentially – the interlinking scenes.



Performance poet Michelle Madsen has developed scripts in association with Nuffield Southampton Theatre and performed on festival stages throughout the UK. Today Michelle presents the first outing of a brand-new piece of story-telling.


The Comedy Lab is a collaborative and supportive network of writers and performers meeting weekly at The Point to work on ideas and material. Today, they are delighted to present an hour of fine humour to send the audience home ready for the new week ahead.

Co-hosted by ArtfulScribe.

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Tickets for this event are £5, or free entry with an evening show ticket.

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