The Anti-Slam

The topsy-turvy competition where the most atrocious poet wins! We don’t mean bad: we mean hilariously terrible, laugh-out-loud embarrassing, entertainingly cringe-worthy poetry so awful that it transcends quality, becoming genius. The Anti-Slam truly puts our poets to the test. How bad can it get? Well, you’ll have to witness it for yourself. 

Southampton leads the nation in the production of truly bad poetry, home of current national Anti-Slam champion Stewart Taylor.  Tonight we shall look towards surpassing his truly awful work !

Southampton’s top bad poets will be invited to do their worst, and there may well be room to find a surprisingly-bad newcomer.

Produced and hosted by Paula Varjack and Dan Simpson.

Co-hosted by ArtfulScribe.

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Tickets for this event start from £6 and are available from Eventbrite.

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