Southampton Showboat: Whisper, Speak, Shout!

For one night only, Southampton’s finest writers and performers will be taking part in this exciting literary showcase – and it’s all for you!


Stewart Taylor, Issa Loyaan Farrah, Matthew West, Susmita Bhattacharya, Damian O’Vitch, Matt L T Smith, Nazneen Ahmed, Calum Kerr, Duncan Green, Jason Buck, Dae Fletcher, and Jayne Ede.

And a film of Philip Hoare.

This event will be hosted at The Stage Door.

Co-hosted by ArtfulScribe.

Scientist by day and spoken word artist by occasional night, Jayne writes on a variety of topics from the mundane to the bizarre, taking inspiration from hip-hop artists and putting a strong emphasis on rhythm and wordplay.
Dae Andrew Fletcher is a young performance poet hailing from Southampton, and is a bit of a mess, really. They were first thrown into the poetry scene by somewhat accidentally winning the Wessex Schools Poetry Slam in 2014, going on from there to perform at 451, Say Something and Southampton’s very own literary festival, SO:...
Matt L.T. Smith is a performance poet from Hampshire. Whilst spending his nights at open mics, he writes poetry to reveal emotional truth through abstraction. Crafting poems that range from the personal to the political he tries to bridge the gap between the two, exploring how each of us is a product of our environment. After...
Damian O'Vitch is a SO: To Speak 2017 commissioned artist
Writer, especially of history and biography. Philip will be appearing on film.
A poet from Southampton. Issa also hosts Write a Note.
Poems, raps, ditties and thoughts from someone looking to share their words with the world.
Matthew West is Southampton's first Poet Laureate for Children.
Nazneen is the Writer in Residence at Southampton's public libraries.
Author and winner of Winchester Writers' Festival Memoir Prize 2016.
Official "Worst Poet in the UK", Stewart Taylor is a local spoken word performer.
Director of National Flash Fiction Day, Calum Kerr is a Southampton-based writer.
Runner-up in this year's "Grand Annual Lying Contest", Jason is a local writer and performer.
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Tickets for this event start at £5, and are available through Eventbrite.

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