Dragons and Dinosaurs: Who Says They Don’t Exist?

Come and meet some lizards and snakes in a library! Meet Maude and Lettice, the bearded dragons, and Delia Smith, the corn snake. Admire Marilyn the tarantula’s hairy legs. Have a chance to handle some creatures that go back millions of years: Myfanwy the giant millipede and Sassafras and Sisyphus, the hissing cockroaches! Find out some interesting animal facts – including why reptiles are a writer’s best friend!

For ages 7+

Once upon a time, Veronica wanted to be a palaeontologist, a witch, or a writer. The first two didn’t work out but she is happy to be the author of The Extincts and The Halloweeds, for (not too squeamish) 7-12 year olds.

Veronica was 11 when the tragic tale of a woolly rhinoceros, written to fend off homesickness at boarding school, brought her first rejection slip. Undeterred, she carried on scribbling. Decades – and many stories – later, she joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and had an extract accepted for their 2012 anthology, Undiscovered Voices. She spent many years working in a Southampton Junior School – and is grateful to the children there, for all the inspiration they provided. She still lives in Southampton with her son (who is considerably more grown up than she is), 3 cats and a large number of reptiles and miscellaneous invertebrates. She believes, very strongly, that Making Stuff Up Makes Life Better.

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