How can you and I ever be free in the 21st C?

Join artists Walter van Rijn, creator the Being Human font, and Jane Birkin to discuss art and archives, words and images, descriptions and lists, titles and text as art.

Jane Birkin is an artist, designer and scholar. She is a visiting lecturer and researcher at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. She also works on exhibitions in Special Collections at the University of Southampton Library, as exhibition designer as well as in a curatorial role. Taking the archive as the primary locus of her own practice, she is specifically concerned with institutional description techniques that define and manage the photographic image. Birkin’s research functions at the intersection of text and image, combining media culture and techniques of the archive, as well as contemporary discourse on art and conceptual writing.

Walter Van Rijn is an artist and researcher who proposes a dispersal practice, whereby the distribution of art is integral to the making of art. His practice critiques the conventions of the art object, and questions the making and showing of art, by using tactics such as aggregation and dispersal, modularity, embedding, symbiosis, hybridisation, and self-reliance. A cross media practice dispersed through audio, blogs, books, fonts, videos, websites, exhibitions and public art. Recent work includes digital archives of artwork titles, which speculate about people and objects (re)directing a flow of art.

Van Rijn studied Landscape Architecture in the Netherlands and he received a PhD in Fine Art in 2015 from University of Southampton.

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