Information and tickets are available from Nuffield Theatres Southampton.

Kat Francois presents Raising Lazarus, a critically acclaimed true story of Caribbean soldiers in WW1.

This performance charts the true story of Kat’s relative, Private Lazarus Francois, from the Caribbean island of Grenada, who joined the British West Indies Regiment in 1915 to fight for Britain during the First World War. This is the story of how Kat discovered she was connected to a part of British history that she previously assumed had no relevance to her, and exposes part of the journey undertaken by thousands of Caribbean soldiers who volunteered for King and Country.

It will be followed by a short Q&A with Kat Francois.

This event is hosted by Ricky Tart, supported by Sea Sharp, and is open mic.

Quick, slick, generous and enthusiastic hosting.
Passionate poetry about empowerment.
Performance poet, playwright, director, actor and comedian.

Sign up for the Open Mic will be available on the door from 7pm. Spaces will be limited, so ensure to get there early! Slots cost £3.

Tickets for this event are £5 and available through the NST Box Office.

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