Past Commissions

2016 Commissions

The Southampton Fringe 2016

Southampton Festivals and ArtfulScribe commissioned Issa Loyaan Farrah and Isabel Rogers to produce poetry in response to the British Art Show, and to perform it at the SO: To Speak SoWrite Showcase.

Issa Loyaan Farrah will be performing at the Southampton Showboat on 20th October.

Issa’s poems have been filmed by Broken Physics and can be viewed here:

Poet and His Muse in the Iron Age

Spatial Questions

Hip Hop


So: To Speak 2015

Seagulls and Spitfires

Southampton Festivals commissioned the city’s poet laureate Matthew West to produce a set of poems about the invention and development of the Spitfire, the aircraft produced in Southampton and deeply embedded in the city’s history. Seagulls and Spitfires was published and launched at the Solent Sky Museum during the festival.

So: To Speak Promotional Films

Before the festival, three film-makers were commissioned to produce short promotional films that drew attention to the literary culture in Southampton. They will be shown at the Southampton Showboat on 20th October.

Southampton reads Jane Austen by Broken Physics:

SO: To Speak with Ali Sparks by Max Steyger:

SO: To Speak with Philip Hoare by Tony Steyger: