Marvellous Mythology: An Alternative Review Of Antigone

A night where the modern evening collides with the ancient day, creating a spectacular infusion of theatrical styles.

Here’s the thing: I was set to review Antigone, but all performances were sold out. So sold out, in fact, that the theatre were selling the ushers’ seats.

It’s been such a popular production that a review would be irrelevant; we at SO: To Speak are happy to hear it.

So instead of my thoughts on the play, I’ll tell you about their next production, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow:

When our intrepid carol singers decide to visit an apparently deserted manor house during a snow storm, who knows what they will find?
When the carol singers enter Crossleigh Manor, they are transported back into Victorian times. Has the manor house been deserted since then?
The stage seems set for a traditional Victorian melodrama – with carols!

Maskers’ Christmas show is on Friday 8th December, Saturday 9th, and then from 11th-16th. All performances start at 7:30pm and the ticket price (£9.50) includes a mince pie and glass of mulled wine or fruit juice. If you’re interested in going I advise you book soon because if it’s anything like Antigone, the tickets will be gone before you know it. See their website for more details.

By Charlie Place.

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