An Interview With Writer Alex Thornber

Today we welcome Alex Thornber, host of regular open-mic night, Use Your Words, and a writer in his own, well, right. Use Your Words is on Wednesday 25th October.

Where are you from?

In the physical life I have lived I’m originally from Chandler’s Ford. I moved around for a few years but never felt like I was truly from one specific place outside the universe I built in my head, quilted together from books, TV and songs.

Tell us about Use Your Words

Born from the parents of my own boredom and the DIY spirit of Southampton, it’s a vehicle for sharing work both via live performance and now an online magazine. When I started out there were a lot of gatekeepers to pass in order to get a short story published or on a show and my main hope with Use Your Words is to be able to bypass that and give people a platform.

What awesome things have you done as a result of your writing?

The most awesome thing is the act of writing itself, getting to live a thousand different little lives, pushing my subconscious and testing the limit of my imagination. I was lucky enough to do my first public reading in New York last year, something that inspired me to set up Use Your Words, and that was pretty awesome. Every now and again I’ve had messages from someone who has truly connected to an accumulation of words that fell out of my brain and that is simply wonderful too.

What do you like most about Southampton?

The fact it’s always changing. The people. The dogs.

Alex will be hosting Use Your Words at Brewdog on Wednesday 25th October from 7pm.

It’s a free event. Register your interest on Facebook here.

By Charlie Place

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